Loved by all & cheap as chips: Collection 16hr Lasting Perfection Concealer, are we a match made?

Right. So.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry has by now proclaimed their undying love for Collection’s 16hr lasting perfection concealer at this point (including some of my fave bloggers over at and FleurdeForce), so I thought it was about time I gave this a whirl.

Given that I am, to say the least, prone to the odd spot or two, trying the most raved about, cheapy concealer on the go is probably really quite fitting.

So my first impression has been great, spot on, even. Really liking it!


Coverage? Relatively thick, but not cakey. Don’t turn into little flakey bits after a few hours on-the-job like some other semi heavy duty concealers might. The formulation reminds me of Mac Select Cover Up Concealer, which I haven’t used in yonks but always had a soft spot for. Another plus is that you can also use it as an under eye concealer, however this probably wouldn’t be my own first choice for the auld dark circles.

Colour? I am very pale, and no.1 Fair is absolutely perfect for me. It also comes in Light, Medium and Deep.

Packaging? Nice hygienic little tube. You might notice in the pic however that the typeface is already smudging off, and I have owned this product for a mere week. So I’m expecting it will be gone completely by the end of March. This saddens me!

Price? About €7, me thinks. Got it on 3 for 2 at Boots with some others in a haul.

Skincare Benefits/Drawbacks? This may dry out spots just a teeench and prevent skin from healing at its normal rate. But I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a concealer that does a good job that doesn’t have that effect, sadly..

And finally… Does it stay?!? 16 hours? I don’t really have the impression it does. But it doesn’t slide off either. I have the impression it stays put for a few hours, maybe 3 or 4. If you’re hardcore smooching in the back of the pictures, you might have less luck!

Collection concealer, you might have grubby looking packaging, but so long as you look nice on me face, we’ll have you!