Glossybox UK May 2013 Review: Happy BDay Box!

This month it’s been Glossybox UK & Ireland’s 2nd Birthday. I for one was never convinced by the whole concept of beauty boxes, and managed to avoid to give into the hype. Until now.

Reason being, I was always afraid I’d be disappointed by samples of shower gels and other **** that I buy more than enough of anyway (“sure it’s only €3, feck it” she said). So I decided to be a bit strategic and wait for a month where there seemed to be particularly cool stuff, or some kind of voucher code available (apparently they pop up online from time to time? Keep an eye out).

I think I had almost more or less resigned to the expectation to be disappointed by my first Glossybox, having heard lots of rumblings about only bloggers receiving good boxes and everyone else receiving crappy shower gels. (I may technically be a blogger, but let’s admit, this post isn’t exactly going to receive a 1000 hits). But I am really pleased to say that I seem to have received a very good box:


Glossybox UK May 2013

The box, which is a beautiful pale pink colour (and I won’t be throwing it away anytime soon) includes:

  1. Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara
  2. Caudalie Divine Oil (for Body, Face, Hair)
  3. L’Occitane Hydration Cream (‘Creme Radieuse’ with organic angelica water and essential oil)
  4. Bellapiere Cosmetics Super Gloss in Vanilla Pink
  5. Beautiful Movements Prime & Create Mixing Medium
  6. Glossybox mini nail files

I’ve not tried the mascara or the prime & create as of yet, purely because the primer thingie doesn’t particularly excite me, and given how quickly some mascaras dry out, I would like to refrain from using this boyo until I’m ready to move on from what’s currently in my handbag.

What I can say I’ve tried are the following:

  • The L’Occitane cream is lovely, has quite a floral scent (which isn’t always my fave; reminds me too much of perfume. Perfume and skincare should never mix, i.m.o.) and seems to target adding water to dehydrated skin, which is exactly what I need, I’ve discovered, ever since watching Sali Hughes’ video explaining the difference between dry and dehydrated skin.
  • The Caudalie Divine Oil, a floral-scented, do-it-all oil for hair, face and body, I was excited to receive as it’s got a great reputation. I’m looking forward to reviewing this in detail soon. I tried it on my face overnight and it felt lovely, however it may have been a factor in a recent breakout, so I will have to wait and see what the verdict is on this one. It may be more suitable for dryer skin types.
  • The Bellapiere lipgloss, I’m sad to say, I’m not too convinced by. It smells nice, is quite sheer, and feels lovely on the lips (plus contains some natural vitamins and lovely ingredients, so thumbs up there). However my one gripe with it is that it doesn’t seem to have any plumping effect on the lips whatsoever and the colour is only OK, but not great. I feel like it’s a lipgloss for people with naturally extremely full lips, or for individuals who don’t want to achieve a plumping effect (crazy people! crazy people!)

For the £13 or so that I spent on this box, I have to say I am quite pleased. The nail files are a lovely addition, they’re so convenient to pop in your bag, on your desk at work, dresser… Anywhere! And the product sizes on a whole are quite generous; the mascara and lipgloss are both full-sized, and the Caudalie and L’Occitane items are decent-sized, somewhere between a sample and full-sized product I would think. The Prime & Create is small but, as I said, I am finding it extremely hard to be excited by this product.

Did anyone else subscribe to Glossybox UK this month?




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