Botanics BB Cream Radiant Youth Review: The Power of Plants for Pale Pretties!

I have bought more than my fair share of highstreet foundations/tinted moisturisers/BB creams over the past six months. Purely with the expectation that hundreds of online reviewers can’t be wrong in giving rave reviews to the likes of Rimmel’s Wake Me Up, Boujois’ Healthy Mix Serum, and so on and so forth.

And this may well be the case. Light foundations may be working out well for everyone else. But lads, nothing was really hitting the spot for me.

Why, oh why, I thought. I was gutted. Wake Me Up, while lovely formula-wise, was too dark in even the lightest shade. Healthy Mix Serum, on the other hand, was nice, but got rather drying over the day and contained no SPF. Which was the nail in the coffin there for me. I am not altering my Michael Todds morning routine for you, Boujois, mate.

After mulling over it for a while, I came to the conclusion that my hard luck with highstreet brands basically comes down to their limited ranges in colour. As an Irish lass, I am naturally white as a ghost pale, and quite like to embrace that other than the very occasional layer of tinted moisturiser for special occasions or bronzer on the chest. That’s the height of my glow. The main problem I have with pale foundations is that they can leave me looking unhealthy or gaunt, like I’ve not had enough sleep.

I really had succumbed to the idea that I would have to return to more upmarket brands with which I’ve had success in the past. So when I got my pale claws on Botanics’ brand spanking new BB cream back in April, I practically had to sit on my hands not to review it before having tried and tested it thoroughly.

  photoBay-bay Boom!

Lemme-tell-ya, I was blown away. I even bought it for my mum for her birthday. She loved it too.

Does it Deliver?: While evening skin tone, this BB gives a radiant effect. But fear not, oily-skinned friends, as this is not like most other coverage that promises radiance and ends up leaving you looking like your face has been dipped in glue.

With relatively high coverage for a BB, this comes in three shades; the light being my choosing of course. I am really impressed with the colour, and think its something in line with the No7 Foundation match test’s Calico shade (coincidence? I think not!). On the hand, the product comes out much darker than it actually it is. It blends into the skin magically, giving a healthy glow. See below, ta da!

photo_1Mug shot.

In the shot, I’ve not  yet used any concealer on blemishes. Not bad, huh? These were quickly tidied away with a bit of Collection concealer.

I have been using this BB cream every other day for two months now, after moisturiser, and have never had a break out or a bad makeup day. If you have naturally oily skin, you may get away with no moisturiser underneath. What has really filled a void for me is that this BB seems to be something of a compromise between hydrating and oil-minimizing for my combination skin (which is often dehydrated but prone to some blemishes in the t-zone). FYI, I only recently in fact learned that there is a notable difference between dehydrated and dry skin. Cursing myself to not have known that sooner. I probably could have saved myself heaps of spots.

Packaging: This comes in a hygienic white tube, and releases very little product which I find just wonderful as it avoids waste.

Skincare Claims: Yes! Yes! Yes! Protective Gingko biloba leaf extract, as it says on the tin, which is renowned for its antioxidant properties. SPF30, which will do nicely for summer, thank you. I am not an expert on organic properties, but in general the Boots Botanics line tend to market themselves as a more sensitive skin-friendly, organic brand.

Price: About €12 (but pssssst, it can often be had as part of a 3 for 2 deal!)

Availability: This is available at Boots across the UK and Ireland.

If anyone’s tried this BB, I’d love to hear what you think. Particularly anyone whose tried the light shade and found it a match, I’d be grateful for any foundation suggestions!


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