Alverde Wild Rose Face Oil Review: €3?! Wudda paid €30.

In my recent visit to Germany I picked up the Alverde Wild Rose Face Oil for the first time, and boy, was I blown away.

I’m lost for words. After a night’s kip with this on me, my skin just looked, well, healthier.


For those of you unfamiliar with the Alverde brand, it’s basically a cheap as chips but beautifully organic range of skincare and makeup products offered by German chain store DM (something comparable to the likes of Boots in the UK and Ireland).

Having tried quite a few Alverde products now and being sometimes very impressed and other times sorely disappointed – (and, all the while, never quite being able to make up my mind whether I preferred this brand or their main competitor on the German highstreet organic block, ‘Alterra’) – I think this oil has really made up my mind for me.

Packaging: It comes in a delicate glass bottle, with one of those rubber squeeze tubes on top that you pinch to pump product into a vile. You can then nicely drip the oil on-yah-face!

Price: €3. No, that’s not a typo. It actually costs THREE EURO. For an organic face oil.

Skincare Claims: Recommended for dry skin, the oil claims to vitalise and regenerate ‘hard to please’ skin using wild rose oil, apple extracts, mild almond, jojoba, and peachstone oils. It also claims to reduce fine lines and improve elasticity.

Does it Deliver?: For a €3 oil I have been totally blown away – this product is definitely in another league and I would have happily paid considerably more for a product of this quality. My skin is dry at parts, but prone to break outs, so I wasn’t sure if this oil was another bad idea that would make my face break out (like so many times before, sob story!). I’ve used this oil a number of occasions now however and never once have I woken up with a blemish. If anything, I would wonder if this oil also has a balancing effect on my combination skin.

While I can’t attest to the softening of fine lines (but then again, I never can) – my skin looks considerably healthier after a night’s sleep with this baby on my face. Overall, I look well-rested; almost like I’ve had a little plump of botox overnight. I don’t know how to describe it. My skin just looks great after a use. I imagine it’s an ideal one for after a night out when your skin is feeling particularly poorly.

It also has a beautifully subtle rose scent and luxurious texture (no surprise there; it is an oil after all). Slathering some of those stuff on my face before bed feels like a real treat. Which is crazy when you think about the €3 price tag.

Availability: This product is available in all DM stores across Germany. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge it is not available in the UK or Ireland. It’s a teeny 15ml bottle however, so if you’ve anyone visiting Deutschland, you could ask them to pick one up for you as there are DMs in virtually every German town.

Thumbs up, Alverde!